Bethany Purvis

Bethany, as a senior lead designer, is a master of historic preservation and decoding interior design puzzles. Growing up, she was inspired by renovations happening on the family farmhouse. It’s a heritage that influences her ethos to honor a home’s integrity as she enjoys tackling projects both personally and professionally.

After a decade of being a solo designer, Bethany teamed up with JWD, to focus on what she loves most. Bethany’s days are spent drawing complex architectural drawings, overseeing project management for clients, and problem-solving with builders on centuries-old historic homes.

Having earned an Interior Design degree from Harrington College of Design, Bethany also boasts a background in photography and counseling. She applies her myriad of skills on a daily basis, proving herself a great listener with a talent for unique solutions. Bethany’s touch adds depth to every home’s story.

Outside of work, you can find Bethany busy with her kids theater schedule, fostering cocker spaniels and dabbling in carpentry and electrical work on her own home.