Residential Interior Design Services.

Jill Warren is the interior designer for oak park.

Residential Interior Design Services.

From single room design to a whole home renovation, our work encompasses many facets of residential design and remodeling.

Often what starts as a kitchen design evolves into surrounding areas of the home. Many of our clients reach out every couple of years to embark on a new project in another area of their home.

We approach our designs with a broad view of the entire space, how it relates to adjacent rooms and the home in general. We strive to retain existing architectural details and extend those details into our own designs.

Each project is an opportunity to learn about our clients and their needs. We work closely with clients to learn about their vision, their goals and their homes.

Kitchen + Bathroom Design

Our design process starts with an in-depth discussion about the clients’ vision for the space. It is important that we understand how they live and how they want their space to function and feel.

We professionally measure and draft the space to be remodeled or we will work with the architect’s plans. Once we have this in place, we concentrate on developing the preliminary design concept which includes a new floor and cabinet plan, a vision board with an overall “look” and suggested materials to be featured and a preliminary budget.

Once this preliminary concept is approved, we can recommend a general contractor for the project. If the client already has a contractor, we are happy to work with them as well. We then delve deep into the planning process, fine-tuning plans and specifying every item that will go into the space. After most decisions have been made, we provide final floor plans, electrical and lighting plans, elevation drawings and specifications.

Once the construction begins and the space is framed out, we will begin ordering materials, including cabinetry, tile, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, etc. We are a registered dealer for Greenfield Cabinetry and Siteline Cabinetry. We occasionally use local specialty furniture-makers and millshops to achieve the looks we would like to achieve as well.

We work in tandem with the contractor to ensure that each detail we’ve specified is created according to our designs. Large remodeling projects like this require months of planning before construction begins. These are investments into your home and it’s important to get the details right.

Rest assured that throughout the process, we work with our clients closely with their vision in mind. Our goal is always to create a space that will be loved.

Whole Home Design

We specialize in designing spaces that feel cohesive throughout the home–building upon design elements from room to room, to make the spaces feel warm and welcoming. We help clients specify details such as moldings, millwork, stairs and railing details, flooring, paint selections, electrical and lighting. We also specify furniture, window treatments and finishing touches to make the space complete.

Historic Design

We want to ensure that your new space integrates flawlessly with your existing home. We always take the original architectural features of the home into consideration when planning a remodel. This doesn’t mean we design every space to look like it’s from another time. Our experience working in historic homes has taught us that the best spaces result from a combination of new, old, and custom pieces with respect to the original house details.

Hourly Consulting

Occasionally homeowners will come to us with smaller design projects that may not require a full-service approach. For these types projects, hourly consulting is often a good solution. Perhaps you are in the middle of a remodel and would like a second set of eyes on a light fixture, flooring choice, furniture placement, or a paint color selection. Maybe you have plans from an architect already and would like to know whether it makes sense to move the pantry, use a different size of appliance, or even just to understand what type of countertop would work best. Hourly consulting can be done in-person and/or virtual, depending on the scope. 

Cabinet Sales

Geared towards general contractors or homeowner’s who already have a full set of cabinet drawings, we will be happy to provide a quote for cabinetry for you from either one of our cabinet lines: Greenfield Cabinetry and Siteline Cabinetry.

“Jill is attuned to listening to what we wanted and collaborating as a partnership. We’ve hired Jill to design 2 of our bathrooms, our foyer, living room, master bedroom, kids bedrooms, and we are now working with her team on our last big project; the kitchen!”